BLOG: Fight preventable illness with our Jammie Army

Kirsten Hawke

Winter is here and BUSINESS buddy needs you to help battle childhood illnesses that no tiny tot should have to endure.
Snuggling up at home in a warm pyjamas can be all it takes to keep little ones out of Kidz First Children’s Hospital, at Middlemore in South Auckland.

BLOG: Fight preventable illness with our Jammie Army

Our BUSINESS buddy Colonel Kirsten has rallied the troops and is calling for action from all businesses to knock out preventable illness in South Auckland youngsters.

She has analysed the data and more than 2,000 children could avoid a trip to hospital this winter if every local business purchased one pair of pyjamas.

Middlemore Foundation says children that are warm at night are less likely to become sick and be admitted to hospital due to preventable illnesses such as acute rheumatic fever.

The disease is usually only found in developing countries but is prevalent in Counties Manukau.

“An investment of $10-20 from each business will keep children warm and keep them out of hospital,” says Kirsten Hawke.

“It just makes economic sense but more so, we don’t want to see children suffering from sickness.”

Joining Jammies in June, and donating and collecting pyjamas is the least the accounting and business advisory firm can do to help children in need.

BUSINESS buddy challenges every other business in the area to take a little time to buy a pair of warm flannelette pyjamas for children and drop them into their office.

The troops will make sure they get to Kidz First Children’s Hospital.

As well as reducing the distress of illness for children and their families, it makes sense for businesses to do their bit to keep kids healthy.

When children need to stay home or they are admitted to hospital it often means a parent or caregiver takes time off work.

It is estimated there are about 45,000 jobs in East Tamaki and if children stay warm, dry and free of illnesses like asthma and rheumatic fever – a lot of employee sick leave could be reduced.

Middlemore Foundation says children are admitted to hospital or kept away from school for two or three days at a time, due to preventable illnesses and that often recur several times over winter.

Because mums are usually the lead caregivers, that means they miss work and lose wages, which further stresses households where cash is scarce.

Tight household budgets mean warm nightwear is often last on the shopping list but Jammies in June is making a difference.

In 2017, the Jammies in June campaign aims to collect at least 6,000 pairs of pyjamas.

We need you to join forces and leave pyjamas at the BUSINESS buddy reception, 35 Allens Road, East Tamaki.

Give us a call at 0800 283 399.


Kirsten Hawke